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Last updated on Jan 28 2015

Essay Writing Service Reviews

As a student, you have to take advantage of all the doable ways to get the best essay writing service to write your assignments. Going through the essay writing service reviews can be the finest way for you to find a genuine essay writing service to accomplish your entire academic essay writing requirements. Hence, if you require the additional assistance with your papers, you can run through the top custom essay writing services reviews and choose one of the best writing services in the writing industry. When you make an effort to read the top custom essay writing services reviews, it will eventually guide you to choose the perfect choice for you.

First of all, what you are required to know when you decide to find an essay writing service online is that not all the essay writing services seeing online genuine. Hence, by keeping this fact in mind try to find the best for you and it can be attained by going through the essay writing service reviews. Obviously, writing services reviews will provide you ample knowledge on different essay writing services and how they are unique in their service. It can also assist you to keep away from the scam services that can bring you negatives results.

With so many dissimilar writing services obtainable online, essay writing service reviews provides all the good chances for the students to make a good decision with regard to selecting a good service as well as to be on familiar terms with the good services from the bad ones. As a result, take your time to go through the top custom essay writing services reviews to make sure that you are safe with the service that you selected to move on with. Be aware of the fact that the time you spend for reviewing a site is not a waste of time and it can bring your best results at the end of the day.

When I realize that I am swindled by an essay writing company

There are literally hundreds of sites that offer essay writing services to students. All these sites compete with each other in order to gain the attention of students. All of them obviously will extol upon their own merits in glowing terms. This is quite obvious. But the student will invariably feel lost as to which one is good. It is only possible for the student to find out whether the essay writing site is up to the standard or not. It is by facing a lot of hardships that a majority of students continue their education. And we firmly believe that the student is entitled to receive some help from time to time.

When a student places an order for the paper, the site assigns it to a writer. Apart from the few pointers that he/she gives to the writer the student is powerless and cannot do anything else. Since some of the assignments are given at the last time, the students will have to employ the essay writing service reviews. When the student has plenty of time on his/her hand and is well versed in the language, assignments that are given way ahead of the time for submission do not need the service of any website. But when assignments are given at the last moment the student finds it difficult to face the deadline while at the same time managing many other commitments. So it is even more important that the student gets a good paper and that too on time.

Very often it happens that the student will send in a request for a paper at a timeframe that is very near the deadline for submitting. It is very important to note that not all sites are reliable. Just for a second imagine that the writer that your paper is assigned to is very busy with other papers. And that he too has a deadline to meet. In such a case, the writer may just use a previous similar paper or will include plagiarized work. Since the student is already under duress, he/she may not get the time to check the paper. This could prove disastrous to the future of the student. The lecturer may give very poor grades or could even fail the paper. There is even a possibility that the student may get rusticated from the university. All this depends on the policy that the educational institution. It will without doubt leave the student in doldrums.

Please note that our aim is not to dissuade you from using such services. As in all fields there are honest and dishonest people in the essay writing services too. It is our endeavor to find out the best in the field and present it to you so that you can use their services from time to time. We not only ensure that we recommend the best but there will also be a periodical evaluation of these sites. Only if they meet our stringent standards do we include them in the recommended list. We believe that students need all the help that they can get. But it should not be conditional in any way. We do not want you to find out which site to use after getting the papers. We also do not want you to spend your hard earned money and then find that the papers that you have been getting are plagiarized. Our essay review site will help you identify the sites that are committed to you, the student.


Feedbacks from Members:

Mjones on 2 September, 2013 says;

“Well said. In your post you are trying to describe the advantages and disadvantages of essay writing services. I agree with you. Essay writing review sites like this sites are very helpful for the students to filtering the good and bad writing company. It is difficult to predict at first sight whether the site is good or bad. If we don’t know anything we would ask it to a person who know it well. Likewise here essay review sites are doing the same job. They are doing this great job free of cost. Students don’t know about which writing service they should choose for their essay, review sites are helping them by giving the reviews of the company. They can easily decide whether to choose that company or not.”


Ms. Andrea on 17 September, 2013 says;

“Yes there are a variety of international essay writing companies just looking to use employees and students for money. The most well known are from Malaysia, Pakistan, Indian, and Ukraine. Some of the Asian companies incorrectly signify themselves as English. They usually do provide essay writing services they show on their website but sometimes they seek the solutions of non-native English speakers to do the papers and they are done much more intense than if a bad writing English speaking person would have done them. The other feature of a fraud essay writing company is that the client support never responds to you once you discuss about the issue of salary. Better way to stay secure is you can check real reviews of a company.”


Laura on 25 September, 2013 says;

“I never regret for buying assist from essay writing company because they helped me  to attain the best grade and I worked on my skill and learned more about essay writing. Every student likes to achieve good marks for their essays. Essay services can provide it. If you are not able to score enough marks even after getting help from any service that is too pathetic. The only reason is that they aren’t providing a genuine paper to you. Attaining good writing service is not an easy thing. The first step before one can decide to pay for professional writers is make sure company offers students all types of academic assistance. It is careful to make sure the firm is known to offer original quality work in essay writing.”


Hargile on 4 October, 2013 says;

“The review about the essay writing company is very much informative.  I never depended on writing my essay with the online essay writing company. I ever did the works myself. I’ve learned to not go by what others have said, instead I rather find out myself. But now I have to write a lengthy dissertation and I am hardly seeking out help from online essay writing companies. I was in fact totally tensed on choosing the essay writing service as I have checked lots of reviews about the essay writing companies. And most turned out to be scam. It’s really hard to choose the best essay writing service. And when I came through this site I found most of the reviews to be informative and genuine.  I hope I can get it out from here.”


 Brian Jeffrey on 12 October, 2013 says;

“The piece of writing was very informative and also enlightening. This article could cover the entire facts related to the struggle of a student to complete the academic tasks. In such cases the students have no other way, other than depending on some essay writing company. When there are huge numbers of online essay writing services available today, the chances to be trapped by the scam essay writing companies are also very high. Hence to get rid of this evil, the site like this which provides the ratings and reviews would be a great relief for those who are searching in the darkness. The author could reveal the fact about how the students receive the plagiarized content when he/she orders the essays at the eleventh hour and what will be the consequences. However, I believe that this site would be very helpful for all students for selecting genuine writing services.”


Herman Klein on 12 October, 2013 says;

Really great read and valuable points you have shared here! I think internet has lots of essay writing service and they are trying to attract the students with different features and discounts but as a student I’m not looking for such features or any money reduction. Yea, I know these are very important factors even though I’m always looking for the “quality of the papers” and who offers “non-plagiarized” papers. I also came through different essay writing service review sites to find such writing service and found moreover I used them. I was really satisfied with them but unfortunately here I didn’t find from the top “Best Companies” list of this blog. I recommend to place this service too in the list of “Best Companies” since it is really student friendly service with guaranteed results.


Melissa Burnett on 12 October, 2013 says;

“You have shared really good information which is very important for the students to know who take assistance from the essay writing companies. Hundreds of students are there who received plagiarized content from some of the writing company sources. It’s great to have such useful reviews in this site. After reading this information, one will surely stop a little while and think whether the essay company is trustworthy or not, whether the writer can be able to provide the best and original content on the right time or not etc. The best content will only be received by the students if they have placed the order for their essay in a genuine writing service. Check for the quality of writers, price, content quality, customer support etc before ordering the essay.”


Nicole Unger on 12 October, 2013 says;

“I think you did a great job for the students. Some of them have no idea about the writing services whether they are cheating one or not and also they are not bothering about the services of those essay writing services. The students have to make an overall study about the essay writing services before they decided to choose one of the services. Here you tried to make awareness about the positive and negative sides of those essay writing services. But we can’t say that all writing services are scam, since there are number of writing companies giving effective services to the customers. So identifying a good one from the first sight is the complicated task. So as you told it is better to move with a writing service after getting a review about the company from an essay writing review site. “


John perl on 12 October, 2013 says;

“This review is really an inspiration for students and now I got some idea to select the best essay writing service from the internet. Actually I am not interested to use the essay writing service help to complete my work. But my present situation made me to use this type essay writing service’s help to complete the essay work. For an example, students less time duration, unfamiliar essay topic etc. Many students are facing the same problem on their educational life. I think the review is well said about the essay writing service and this review have indeed made the student’s route clearer enough. I hope this wonderful blog will assist the students to avoid the selection of scam service from the internet.”


James Currier on 12 October, 2013 says;

“Yeah it is well said.  Number of essay writing services increasing day by day and it is really sophisticated task to pick the apt site from that for the student.  Students take the help of essay writing review site to find the best site but I don’t know how much that idea working on.  If the student gets the best review site then it will make simple to find a good writing service and if it is not like that, what will be the result?  Many good writing services are there and student should get the tool like essay writing reviews to identify the best and worst essay writing services online.  I think the student have to try their best to write the paper by themselves, only in such critical time should go for writing services..”


Most Common Confidence Tricks by Assignment Writing Companies

It is very often held by essay writing companies that the writers that they employ are from countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. However the truth of the matter is that they might be in countries like Pakistan, China or the Middle East. This is a way by which they try to build the trust of the students. The students also believe these statements and they fall into the trap. This is why it is very important that students know which site is reliable and which site is not reliable. It is only possible to do this when they are aware of the devious practices that these big essay writing companies indulge in.
We firmly believe that it does not matter whether the writer is from any part of the world. As Long as he/she can deliver what is expected of them it really does not matter from where they work. This is the age of the internet and the writer from India has the same resources that are at the disposal of a writer from the UK. At the same time, trying to dupe the students into believing that the writer is from UK or the US when there are no good writers at the disposal of the website is not ethical .
As far as we are concerned, when we rate a website we do not concern ourselves with the nationality or locationof the writers. Because we know that sometimes even writers that are based in the UK can do a horrible job. We only look at the track record of the site. It is based on that track record that we decide whether the site should figure on our recommended list or not. The students also will probably agree with us because this is a globalised world and quality can be found even in the most unlikely places. So if you are planning to use our essay review site then please do so. You will not be disappointed at all.
Please note that this is not to,dissuade you from using any sites that have writers,from the UK or US. It is the policy of the sites that matters. When you use our essay review site you can rest assured that only the best sites will be featured there. Superficial issues like the nationality of the writer does not feature on our criteria at all. All we look at is whether the site can deliver to the students a good paper on time, with no plagiarism. Period. If that is fulfilled then we do not look at any other aspects. We do periodically review all the sites on our list and also ensure that any new ones that are better also feature on the list. It will always be our endeavour to ensure that the student will get as many viable options as possible.
Students have to realise that there are many devious ways by which essay writing sites will try to gain your trust. It is our humble request that you should not fall for any claims that are made by these sites. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. It is only when you believe these sites blindly that you will fall into trouble. The only way that you will be able to find out the true nature of these sites is when you place an order for an essay. But you will never be able to know whether the paper you get will be good or not. But when you choose from our recommended list of sites the papers will always be of the best quality.

Ordering assignments without essay writing reviews

Essays and assignments are a very important part of the curriculum. When a good essay is submitted the student will get accolades for it. At the same time when a very poor essay is submitted, the student may not get the desired marks. But most importantly, if the paper has any plagiarism then it could be detrimental to the future of the student. The essays that are submitted need to be of very good quality. They must have substance and also adhere to the standards that are prescribed by the lecturer or university. Students very often have to search high and low to find a good essay writing service reviews. The chances are that they will take the help of their students while doing so. But asking friends is not usually a reliable way of finding a good essay service.

Students therefore need to really take their time to search for a good essay writing service. This is where websites like ours come into the picture. We know exactly what the student wants. We are aware of the reasons why you use an essay writing service. We know that you have many everyday struggles that you have to go through to complete your education. We are aware of your myriad commitments in life. The effort it takes to juggle all these commitments is known to us. This is the reason why we decided to come up with an endeavor that would make it easier for you to judge an essay writing service. We employ a variety of factors in judging a website. The online essay writing service is a boon for students who are at a loss and don’t know how to find a site that they can trust. And once you find a good site you can employ it for as long as you need.

We use a variety of factors to determine the quality of a site. Students who are not aware of the various factors only judge a site by whether it delivers quality essays on time. But there are many things that go into the creation of a site. When we analyze we try to understand whether the site employs qualified writers. It is these writers who need to be aware of the requirements of the papers and duly write them before the deadline. They also need to be retained by the website so that the commitment level is maintained. Sites that encourage new writers all the time will not be able to provide standard papers. We also try to understand the policy of the website towards revision. Some sites charge their students for revisions. We believe that the student is eligible for free revisions and must be given a paper with which he/she is satisfied.

There are even some sites that just ignore the students when they send their revision requests. This only makes things worse for students. Therefore there are many factors that need to be considered when judging a, essay writing service. The students may not be aware of all this. But our essay writing review service will make sure that all these yardsticks are considered while judging a site. It is only after this rigorous analysis that we name the sites that meets our expectations. So you can be rest assured that we do our jobs. All you have to do is log on to our essay writing review and choose from the sites that are mentioned. You can then rest assured that the paper that you get will be delivered on time, without plagiarism and it will also be in accordance with the specifications that you sent.

How to hire an essay writer proven to provide a genuine essay

One of the main reasons why students enroll in prestigious institutions is to gain knowledge and also to get a degree by the end of the course. It is also very important that they complete their education in flying colors. There may be many reasons why students employ the services of an academic writer. One main reason is when the curriculum is very hectic and students do not find the time to do all the coursework by themselves. There are also students who have to work in order to support their education/stay. These are usually students who come from abroad in search of education. There also may be students who find the English language standard of their education to be very high from what they are used to at home. There may be many students who have to juggle their family life, professional life and also their academic life.

It is during such situations that students think of employing the services of an academic writer. So it becomes very important for the student to find a service that renders a very professional job. With the deluge of such sites on the internet it becomes very difficult for students to find which site employs reliable writers. There are many sites that offer substandard work. Students need to be aware of this. We understand that in many cases the students do not even have time to read the papers. They submit the papers as they receive it and eventually find that there is some plagiarism or that the paper is not up to standard. This will only lead to a loss of trust in such services. However we assure you that there are websites that are very much committed to the needs of the students. They employ writers who know what the students need. They are qualified individuals, some of whom even possess doctorates in their chosen subjects.

When such people write your papers it will only be the best that you can find. Even if the student has any problems with the papers and if any addition needs to be made, they will make sure that they are available round the clock to assist the student. Revisions will be done free. There are some sites which even give the student a free rough draft of the order. When such sites are available students can entrust their papers to them and rest assured that they will get a good result. Students will not only be able to focus on their studies, they will also be able to go on with their normal lives. So even if you are a student who has had a bad experience with a writing site, please understand that there are better sites for you.

We understand that it is impossible for students to find a genuine writer on his/her own. That is why we decided to design a website that reviews the essay writing websites that are on the web. This essay writing review site is a service that we want to render to the students. We will try our best to judge the various sites on the web and come up with the best results. These results will be the names of the sites that you can trust. The sites will employ the best writers and no matter which site on the list you choose you will get a very good result. We assure you that we only judge these sites in the basis of their performance and the feedback that we get from students. This is a very good opportunity for students to hire an essay writer that is guaranteed to provide a genuine essay.

Masters of Fraud using essay review sites to cheat students

Today there are literally hundreds of custom essay writing service reviews sites on the internet. It is very important for students to be extremely careful while choosing essay writing sites for their assignments. Some of these websites resort to all kinds of marketing gimmicks to get the student`s attention and trust. Even though students every year use essay writing sites like ours and are very satisfied by the service and papers that they get there are some students that are wary of these sites. It is to ease the suspicions of these students that several essay writing review sites are created. These sites capitalize on the suspicions that students may have about the credibility of some essay writing sites and take the side of the student.

These sites then supposedly help the students identify the best sites that render academic writing services. They lead the students to believe that they give unbiased judgment. According to these essay review sites the analysis of the sites is done by feedback from users and also by knowledgeable people. The first impression is that these sites render a very important service by helping the students identify a good essay writing site. However the truth of the matter is that these sites are created, funded and maintained by big essay companies themselves. These companies then ensure that their website features in the list of essay writing websites that are advocated by the review site.

It is preposterous to assume that any essay writing company can perform an unbiased internal audit of its activities and then publish it. This is a marketing gimmick and we advice students to not get carried away by such gimmicks. It is evident from this approach that these companies do not have any scruples. Websites that resort to such means to gain a student`s attention can never render a satisfactory service. There is a possibility that the essays will be plagiarized. There is no other reason why a site will use such methods to show that it is the best in the field. It is only when there is no legitimate positive feedback from clients that the people behind such sites will opt for self promotion.

We once again urge our students to not fall for this con. It is not only unethical towards you the student, but it also results in truly committed sites like ours to remain relatively unknown. When the essay writing review sites name some of the best sites, they only include their own sites. It can also be seen that multiple essay writing sites are operated by the same people. Unfortunately students often take the bait and employ these websites to write their essays. There is a very high probability that these sites will send essays that are unoriginal in content. They will not even entertain any requests for revision of the papers according to the student`s request. This will leave a very bad impression in the minds of students of all essay writing websites.

But students, rest assured. There are some very good websites like ours that employ qualified writers. The writers on our site are well educated and know what the requirements of the paper are. They are also very well familiar with the different referencing systems. They will work round the clock to ensure that your needs are met. So it is our advice to the students to not be deceived by such fraudulent essay writing review sites and instead opt for genuine sites like ours. We assure you that we will strive to satisfy you at all costs. We do not invest in any essay review sites. As far as we are concerned, our only investment is towards your satisfaction.

Complete Review of

No. of years of experience: is one of the most prominent essay writing companies providing custom written as well as professional writing support to students of UK, USA and Australia. They provide essay writing, assignment writing, coursework writing, research paper writing, dissertation writing and all types of writing assistance for the clients. Every papers guaranteed with 100% Non Plagiarism, Free Unlimited Revisions, 24/7 Customer Support, 100% Money Back Guarantee, on time delivery guarantee and discounts. They claim that they hire only PhD and Masters Degree holders from the world’s top universities but they didn’t declare their year of establishment or even their total experience in the field of writing.

Customer Support:
They are available at 24/7 through live chat, email and UK, USA toll free numbers to help the customers with any questions or issues regarding their orders. The 24/7 live chat provides quick assistance and solution to every problem they encounter.

Pricing System:
There is no price chart or price calculator available in this website to make the instant price calculations but the clients need to submit their complete requirements to get the perfect price quote. Thus, it makes little bit of difficulty for the clients to calculate their price of orders instantly. Essay writing Samples are available to ensure the quality of papers. Money back guarantee and free revisions are also available for the clients.

Response to Mails:
They are very fast to provide all type of writings for the normal deliveries. They have an additional department for the quality checking. And also their writers assure that the delivered document entails all the specifications made.

Turnaround Time:
There is no turnaround fixed in this writing service but based on their price quote facility, they are providing essays within 24 hours of time. The service seems to be fine but the lack of instant price calculator makes time wasting for the clients.

Complete Review of

No. of years of experience: is an online professional writing service that are providing support to the students all over the world in writing for the academic papers at all academic levels. Mainly, their writing services include essay, dissertations, term paper, thesis and coursework’s. Generally, the website doesn’t mention their year of establishment but they claim that they are acknowledged for its top-notch essay help service for many years. They hold a group of well qualified writers and they have a strong background of professional writing. This assures the best quality of work with the proficient writing team. They also claim that they will always meet deadlines in spite of any given time with the 100% assurance of original and authentic work. guarantees on time delivery, plagiarism-free writing guarantee, proofreading, spelling and grammatical check, amendments and corrections, bibliography and formatting etc.

Customer Support:
They state that customers’ convenience is very highly valued at, so they are always available at any time of the day. Their customer support is lively 24/7 to help you and provide service at your convenient time through live chat and email facilities. But there is no toll free numbers available to make fast and realistic communications.

Pricing System:
They declare that clients will get the best quality writing services than any other writing service at a very reasonable price. The price for their services mainly depends on the academic level of clients, what type of work they offer and in what time. Their prices are quite high but they offer 100% satisfaction of their work and in case you feel that the requirements are not fulfilled then they will return 100% money back to you. They have a clear price list available to check the price of orders.

Response to Mails:
There is no toll free number available to provide quick response but they offer on time delivery guarantee and money back guarantee for the clients. Clients can download all the completed work from their member’s area.

Turnaround Time:
Their least turnaround time is 3 hours. Overall, is an average quality rated writing service they have several negatives like there is no toll free number, unlimited revision, multiple payment option( like PayPal, Euro Card, American Express etc), free draft service, writer choice and plagiarism detector etc. There is a possibility to get best quality of writings from them but not sure.

Complete Review of

No. of years of experience: is a skilled writing service that offers premium writing services for the clients like Essays, Research papers, Term papers, Coursework, Case studies, Book report. They also offer Thesis and dissertation services which cover Research proposals, Dissertation proposals, Thesis proposals, Dissertation chapter and almost all the academic writing help for the clients. There is no exact year of establishment available in this website but they claim that their skilled and educated writers have much years of experience in the field of academic writing and they are dedicated to creating 100% original, meticulously written, and fully referenced papers at an affordable price with 100% satisfaction guarantees. Their main guarantees include satisfaction guarantee, on time delivery guarantee, non plagiarism guarantee, 100% original and unique guarantee.

Customer Support:
Their customer support center is open 24/7 ready to take your emails or via live chat. They claim that their customer care representatives are very friendly and they can knowledgably answer any questions you may have regarding with your orders. Clients can also make the direct communicate with the assigned personal writer during the whole writing process. But there is no toll free number or phone call facility available in this writing service.

Pricing System: claims that they offer quality custom essays for a competitive and affordable price. Based on the price chart that listed in their website, the price will depends on the product, urgency, academic level and the quality o papers like standard, premium and platinum. The standard quality essay for 3 hours of deadline will be charged as $41.99 and the premium quality essay for the same will be $43.99 and platinum quality as $52.99.

Response to Mails:
There is no phone call facility available in this service, so the clients, it’s very difficult to get suitable answers at the proper time. They offer on time delivery guarantee and free revision for the clients, if they unsatisfied with their writings.

Turnaround Time:
Their least turnaround time is 3 hours. They have several negative points like there is sample service or free draft service, no phone call facility, no multiple payment option (PayPal, American Express, and Euro Card etc). Overall, is an average quality of writing service that was rated by the clients.

Complete Review of

No. of years of experience: is a professional writing agency expertise d in providing high quality writing help to the students of all academic levels around the world. Their website doesn’t have their year of establishment but they claim that their team of talented writers and editors (100+ USA, UK Writers) have years of academic writing experience in different areas and all of them holds at least masters degree or PhD academic backgrounds. Most of their works are written from scratch only moreover the clients will get 100% original and authentic papers. Their features include Absolute confidentiality, 24/7 customer support, Top-notch writing and research expertise, Unlimited revision policy, Money-Back guarantee and USA, UK Writers. All clients can request for free revisions, if the delivered papers didn’t met your requirements. They also declare that they will never re-sell or re-publish your paper to any third party. All details and work related matters are always kept as confidential.

Customer Support:
They claim that their friendly customer support representatives are always ready to assist you at day or night through 24/7 phone call, email and the chat facility. But there is no online live chat facility to get fast response from them, only have an offline message system which makes very delay to get proper assistance from their rep. This is a major drawback of this writing service.

Pricing System: listed a price chart in their website, those pricing table shows only an average price for 1 page (double-spacing, Times New Roman, 12 pt, 300 words) but not a fixed. And the final price of the orders depends on the academic level of writing, number of pages, line spacing, and delivery date. Generally, their price level is quite high and unaffordable for the students. Clients can pay with PayPal balance, bank account, or credit card.

Response to Mails:
The lack of a better live chat facility makes very delay to get deliveries and extra requirement additions. After the completion o f your orders, they will upload it to your personal order page and after your verification they will email it to your specified email address.

Turnaround Time: is moving with the least turnaround time of 8 – 23 hours but the price seems quite high for the least turnaround time. Overall, they are not a scam writing service but they are needed to improve much more to become a best essay writing service. Their weak points include, there is no sample or at least a free draft service, no plagiarism detector or at least a non plagiarism guarantee, multiple payment options like MasterCard, Visa, Euro Card and American Express etc and finally there is no live chat facility to reach them.

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