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1. Essay Guardian
2. Essay Services
3. Dissertation Capital
4. Essays Council
5. Term Papers HQ

Most students and job seekers find it difficult to identify a legitimate writer among thousands of companies and writers online. Since essays, dissertation papers and other forms of writings play a vital role in getting marks, passing an interview for admission or for jobs, it is critical to choose the right company or writer to prepare your papers. Not only finding a good writer, but getting the work done in time is equally important. One should also check the charges for the services and should analyze spending few dollars more would worth the aim of writing it. There could be numerous factors that help you decide on your essay writing company like the quality of the essays, experience in essay writing, customer support, cost per page, response to mails and turn around time. In this context we try to analyze the top ten essay writing companies whom you can trust to get your work done appropriately in time and of course each company has its own unique value propositions which may be different from person to person depending on the cost and time he has in hand.

Here we compare top 10 essay writing companies in the world considering their performance from the customer point of view in the following critical factors. Customer Choice & Editors Choice Winner for Best Essay Writing Company – Best Writing Company

Quality of the essays:

Essay academia offers high quality essays written by professional PhD holders in various subjects. Essay academia becomes the top essay writing company as it has been in business since 2001, knowing various requirements, the education system and with the ability to provide professional academic writing services at affordable rates. The most important parameter that makes the favorite is the free draft that you can avail before making any payment for your order. Once you have your instructions and requirements ready, you don’t need to be in a dilemma of choosing the right writing partner, you can order a free draft from while you search the features of other custom essay writing companies online . In less than two hours, you have your free draft mailed to you to make your decision. Essay academia is probably the only company that works for you even before making any payment at all. You are not even required to enter your payment information to request for a free draft from essay academia. This shows that most of their guarantees are reliable and they do have professional writers who can complete your academic assignments on time. The quality of the papers is ensured by having over 1000’s of expert writers in various fields of study, wherein it is easy to find a subject matter expert in the subject you want to write or research about. You are also given the freedom to choose from UK and US writers at . In order to ensure the maximum quality, the dissertation and thesis papers are prepared only by retired professors from reputed universities across the world. Essay academia guarantees that they do not get your essays written by freelancers hence, the prices cannot as cheap as companies which work with freelancers. provides guarantees like no plagiarism, confidentiality guarantee and no reproduction of your essays guarantee etc. The company is ready to provide you unlimited revisions until you are satisfied in case of an unsatisfactory performance by the writer. You are also offered money back in case of any plagiarism detected in the essay delivered to you. Essay academia provides 24/7 customer service through a live chat available online and through toll free numbers in UK and US.

Complete Review of EssayAcademia

Runner Up


Quality of the essays: offer professional writers who can prepare a100% authentic and competent essays of different types which are formatted to the style you need, proof read, properly cited and scanned for plagiarism. The quality of the essays from solid papers has been guaranteed by ensuring the papers are done highly qualified professionals who are masters or doctorate students and professors. guarantee few highly rewarding essay writing features like complete and correct reference which is regarded as one of the most required features of current essays. Most writers are the nationals of English speaking countries like England, United States and Canada. All guidelines and citations are given to the student and free unlimited revision and editing make your essay foolproof.

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Quality of the essays: with one of the most lucrative offers no other company has ever dared to offer! They guarantee you the grade you wish to have or get your cash back. Now that sounds quite great! Every student, whoever depends on a third party can go for this offer if its true and it should be added that if the price… has many major slogans that are highly attractive at the same time credible. A real UK company, which is one of the major factors most students are looking for nowadays as they can get a native expert to write their essays who can understand the United Kingdom’s educational system and the grading system in place. It is one of most common complaints against most essay writing companies that they use non English speakers to write essays, dissertations, research papers and other academic writing assignments.

Complete Review of UKEssays

4. Quality of the essays: Best essays also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and quality essays. Best essays ensure that most of their writers are current or former teachers and professors with real life expertise and knowledge in the required subject of your essays. This company also boasts that their writers are freelancers who are experts work with reputed universities around the world and write on subjects that are of their expertise only, which ensures a student the maximum exposure and new areas of research in their essays. With over six hundred writers, researchers and editors you can expect your work to be of best quality and meets the deadlines. Best essays offers three levels of quality in the essays they write for you depends upon the price you choose. You can choose the quality level from three varying quality levels. The higher the price, the superior will be the researcher who is assigned your essay with.

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Quality of the essays:

The essays from have a competitive edge in terms of pricing when compared to other essay writing agencies online . Essay plant employs college professors and university graduates for developing essays and other academic assignments to ensure maximum quality. To ensure all the essays are custom written and has something promising in it depending on the essay requirement, essay plant deploys highly qualified and experienced writers who are experts in accounting, art, literature, biology, business, computers, finance, geography, history, medicine, sports, politics, religion, or natural science. Essay plant believes that the proper balance between the quality of the essays and its pricing is the success factor behind every essay writing company. While maintaining a successful business at one of the lowest prices, as low as $10.95, essay plant is able to deliver outstanding essays in just 6 hours. Essay plant strives to provide quality time for students to concentrate on their studies, while employing successful, knowledgeable writers to prepare the essay and other academic writing assessments at one of the cheapest prices.

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Quality of essays:

Custom writing offers one of highest quality essays to students, job seekers and other customers. One of the most promoted features of custom writing is the free plagiarism report that a customer can avail along with the essay which endorses the quality of the essay written for him or her. Custom writing could be the only prominent writing company which offers a money back guarantee which speaks volumes about the quality of the essays written. Custom writing offers a unique service to its customers by providing them a chance contact the writer directly whenever they have a new set of instructions. Whenever you want to check on the progress of your essays, you can get an order status from the company which will reduce a lot of anxiety for most students who are counting hours to the deadline.

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Quality of the essays:

Custom essay writing service offers unique essays written from scratch by ensuring that your essays are written by professionals with writing experience and they do agree that professionally written custom essays are costly. They do guarantee that every essay written by custom essay writing service is 100% authentic and each time you order a new essay, you are assured a discount. Custom essay writing service offers only premium quality, custom written, plagiarism free essays by having a large pool of talented writers experienced and educated in the respective field of the essays. Since quality is given the first priority with every essay written by custom essay writing service , they do ensure that all writers focus on your academic needs and deliver only 100% plagiarism free essays with few unique ideas to initiate further research and meet the very aim of writing the essay itself. Custom essay writing service does not guarantee you the cheapest prices as professional writers will not work for a cheap price like $10 per page. Even though the company is still young, it is successful in uniting a group of experienced writers with a passion for writing to generate high quality essays.

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8. Quality of the essays: Overnight essays just as their name denotes assures you to complete your urgent essays within the shortest period of time. They do guarantee you that your essays are written on spot without wasting time and you do not have to worry any more on missed deadlines, repeated courses or late graduations. The overnight essay holds up the belief that students should not miss a year or have to rewrite their exams just because they missed a deadline. The company strives to provide you gratification on successfully completed essays and other academics on time. has skilled writers working for you on the spot which guarantees that your essays are completed in time. The company has over 35 professional writers as in-office staff and over 200 professionals working remotely.

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9. Quality of essays The essay writing company offers unique, college level, A grade quality essays. This company boasts that all their writers are Americans with BA’s, MA’s and Phd’s hence offers highest academic excellence in all essays, research papers and term papers. They claim to have the usage of a rigorous screening process for all their writers to ensure quality. Analyzing the examples provided in the website offers you an insight of their work and are promising. When writing an essay the essay writing companyoffers an “attention getter” in the introduction which is something that hooks the reader, a thesis statement and the points that are covered in the essay. They also promises to have the body of the essay divided into supporting sub points and few supporting statements for each points and it is repeated for every supporting sub point.

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10. Quality of the essays:

Custom writings offers you help with higher level education writing assignments for PhD, Masters and university level. One of the greatest advantages offered by custom writings is that they always guarantee to follow the instructions and specifications. This is to guarantee that all the essays and custom papersare exactly what you are expecting. The quality of the essays is assured through measures like getting your essays written only by top rated, experienced writers, by using a plagiarism software developed only for custom writings and free revisions. The essays from custom writings do offer a free bibliography page, title page and free email delivery. In order to provide a maximum transparency for a customer who is willing to order from custom writing, they have developed different policies on revision of your essays and the money back guarantee. All the custom essays written at custom writings are done by qualified professionals from the scratch according to your directions and instructions.

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Quality of the essays:

There have been a lot of companies talking about high quality, plagiarism free essays, but only few like advanced writers talk about creativity in the essay writing services . The inclusion of bright, fresh and interesting ideas make advanced writer’s essay writing services stand out from the rest of the companies. Advanced writers do guarantee originality and creativity in their writing services by ensuring their writers are highly qualified academically and professionally. There are proficient writers in a lot of disciplines, holding degrees in a variety of subjects who work for your unique writing requirements. Advanced writers ensure that you do not receive a cheap, pre written paper when you require a unique essay that needs to meet the specific needs set by your instructors. Since your essays are written by professionals from the field of your study and from English speaking countries like UK, US, Canada and Australia who knows how the education system works, the chances of copied essays are completely eliminated.

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Feedback’s from Members:

David on 28 October, 2013 says:

I must say that is one of the best essays writing service available online. Why do they get low rank here??

They are specializes in custom essays, term papers, research papers and many others and they also provide high quality term papers at reasonable price for those who seek help from them. Their pricing is goes like $39.55 /PAGE for Flash custom essay and it is completed within 8 hours, $34.55 /PAGE custom essay completed within12 hours, $24.55 /PAGE Emergency custom essay completed within 24 hours and so on. They are not providing any discount rate for this service. Customers can pay by PayPal balance. The can offer customers not only reliable essays but also original, 100% plagiarism free term paper. From the review you can see that they are not reselling any paper instead of that they provide unique and high quality papers.Really disappointing…


Benny on 30 October, 2013 says:

This top 10 Essay Writing Companies reviews looks great, I had an experience with I hope its fine to share that experience with you. It’s a usual thing that we are searching many reviews and considering various things before choosing an essay writing service. We need consider various things like that websites online reputation, the pricing, offers and experience. Many students are choosing for their academic needs. I would like to check each features of, I got the same here. I make my order with confidence by checking this Top 10 Essay Writing Companies reviews. I got great quality essays from and got good score.


Mark J. Cain 5 October, 2013 says:

Really deserving position for provides great quality papers in aprofessional manner. Let’s start about their Quality of writing and support. After testing many sites I am satisfied with While searching several sites I found the review of and attracted towards the site. For testing the quality of testing I first order for a custom essay as a trail. The customer support is awesome compared to other sites. Because they offer 24 hour per day and seven days per week support, and they are always to give responses to the live chat. They gave me the all the up to date information and progress of my work also. After receiving the paper I realized that the reviews are actually true. The great quality of their writing indicates that their writers are experienced professional s. provides original, genuine, and 100 % plagiarism free papers. I just want to say that they deserve that NO 1 place.


Gloria J. Bornstein 1 October, 2013 says:

Most students are failing in essay writing because of poor writing, editing and proofreading skills. I was also suffering from these problems in my academic life. I was very weak in essay writing. This is the reason why I approached to complete my long essay on anthropology. Review of gave me some confidence to choose that essay writing service and I can say that my decision was not at all wrong. Their key feature is that each essay comes with a 100% money back guarantee and also as they offered, they met the deadline I had given. As I expected they provided original and plagiarism free paper. I paid $24.55 /page, it was an emergency custom essay and they completed within 24 hours. They also offer free revision in case if needed. I think their services are underrated here.


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