Essay Writing Service Reviews – Real time Reviews from Essay Writing Editors & Customers vs. who is best essay services include topic proposal, research, text writing, formatting, editing, and proofreading and plagiarism detection. provides research papers, dissertations, essay,  academic writing assignments and other  essay writing services . Both companies claim that they have professional writers in the writing panel and 100% plagiarism free guarantee.

The customer support system is found to be normal or just above average for both the service. is not always available online where the is maintaining their online status most of the time.

The pricing rate is bit high in when compared to, they are demanding much higher than the traditional services pricing rate. Many students have the same complaint, but never minded it and says that their quality of the paper deserve it. They have some discount offers but it has regulations even for the regular clients.

If we look at the customers feedback both essay writing services has got blames on certain issues. has violated free revision service several times and also failed in giving the papers on deadline many times. had many issues with money back guarantee. Some clients have said that they even had to take legal procedures get the money back. Most of the clients demanded the money back due to the plagiarism content in the paper they have provided. They say that service lags efficient plagiarism checking software. An efficient quality assurance department might have solved these problems. So it is evident that they are weak in that department also.

It should not be fair to choose a best from these two while some of these issues remain to be unsolved. and who is best can be concluded as above average custom essay writing services in which the clients are not recommended to keep a big trust but only to experiment their luck.

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