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This is to warn you that this review page (of Company) is expired and you are not advised to use the following review for the purchase of any essay writing services from Company.

This notice is due to the reviews we have received from many of the EssaysOrigin.comas readers who claim that they have been victim of fraud / cheated / scammed / provided with poor quality of essay writing services. Even if their customer support is working perfectly and instantly, the essay writing services that they deliver does not meet clients requirements. This has made many readers to post reviews/feedback on to help others to legibly use such sites.

Owing to this, we recommend you to continue your search for finding a best writing company that does not have this warning messages and reviews and is actively reviewed by its customers in comments section.

To find the best essay writing services, we recommend the following pages. The pages where you can find tips on best essay writing companies that are active in business and can keep your trust include the following:

1. Home page of where you can find the rating of top 5 best writing companies across the world (

2. Top 10 Essay writing companies page (

3. Top 10 Research writing companies page (

4. Top 10 Dissertation writing companies page (

We do not entertain any kind of unauthentic and personal recommendations from any of the writing company and all our reviews and recommendations strictly adhere to the readers’ and users’ reviews/feedback of the companies they have used.

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By obtaining a free bibliography page along with your essay from essay writing company can save you some money and time. You can also avail a free title page and a free revision, even though these are offered by most of the essay writing companies. Some of the other attractive features are guaranteed privacy and you can demand your essays in any citation styles including MLA and APA. These essays are fully referenced and are never resold which makes sure the uniqueness of your essay. Some of the other parameters which make essay writing company fourth choice to buy from are there assurance to write in a style that matches your style by attaching one of your previously written essays and the writers will follow your style. If you are not satisfied you can return the piece of work or demand unlimited no. of revisions which are quite attractive features most companies do not talk about. The most important quality suggested by most of their customers are fast essay writing services. Last minute essay writing services are done effectively and timely by essay writing company.

Number of years experience in writing industry

Since we are concerned about top essay writing companies, the essay writing company which started its services in 1998 should be placed on top according to their experience. The company claims to have most of business happen through referrals which is one of the best compliments from the customers. Experience does matter in the arena of essay writing as the company gets to know the requirements over the years through analyzing the requirements demanded by students. A company which is in essay writing services for the last 12 years comes to know the dos and don’ts and different styles demanded by most students. The experience can also help in developing wonderful essays even if a customer does not demand specifically for a parameter. The essay writing company has earned the credibility of its customer’s as well as its writer’s through the outstanding management and timely completion of its duties with over 100 dedicated full time writers who have degrees in various academics deserves to be the fourth top companies for essay writing.

Customer support

Essay writing company offers round the clock customer service over the phone and through live chat. They also dedicated email services to support its customers 24/7. Customer service is a major parameter as most of the customers neither have time nor expertise to prepare their own essays, though they know what parameters are to be met by the essay writing company. In case of essay writing company, they provide a chance for the customers to talk directly with the writer which enhances the chances of expressing the expectations directly to the writer and get a high quality essay that he or she has in mind. To maximize the customer satisfaction the essay writing company requires a report from the customer on his expectations and if any particular styles to be followed for example if a student needs an essay to be written in his own style, he just needs to attach a previously written essay to the primary report and the demanded essay will be written in his own style.

Cost per page

The essay writing company has highly competitive pricing, even though you cannot label them cheap. They offer a 1.5 page essay at $34.95 within forty eight hours. The website does not provide more information on prices depending on time required. The website even compares the prices offered by other companies. To get to know the exact pricing for your works, you need to email them the work and you are assured to get a quote in less than one hour.

Response to Mails

You are guaranteed to get the response within an hour for a custom quote for your customized essays. The essay writing company ensures that you get the support round the clock seven days a week. If your essays are due in the next forty eight hours, how big or small they are the essay writing company guarantees you the work done in the specified time frame. You are also ensured unlimited revision of your essays if you are not satisfied with the way it is written. If you are going well in advance and decided to choose essay writing company as your professional partner for developing customized essays you can request a quote through an email to them and get a customized quote in less than an hour which is comparatively a shorter period of time. Even though the prices are not so cheap, essay writing company has earned the credibility of their customers in delivering their promises.

Essay Writing turn around time

The least turnaround time is 24 hours with the essay writing  Even though it specifies 24 hours as the turnaround time, depending upon the emergency it can be even 6 hours. Normally the turnaround time is 48 hours, irrespective of how big your assignments are.  Even though most companies assure a turnaround time of less than 6 to 10 hours in case of emergencies, the essay writing does to promote such a practice as they do not seem to believe in delivering low quality write ups in a short time.

Essay writing company assures you the immediate starting of all orders and offers 100% uniquely written articles. Once you place the order, the essay writing company with more than 100 full time writers, start working on your essays and guarantee you the delivery through email within the specified period of time.

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