Masters of Fraud using essay review sites to cheat students

Be careful while choosing essay writing sites

Today there are literally hundreds of custom essay writing service reviews sites on the internet. It is very important for students to be extremely careful while choosing essay writing sites for their assignments. Some of these websites resort to all kinds of marketing gimmicks to get the student`s attention and trust. Even though students every year use essay writing sites like ours and are very satisfied by the service and papers that they get there are some students that are wary of these sites. It is to ease the suspicions of these students that several essay writing review sites are created. These sites capitalize on the suspicions that students may have about the credibility of some essay writing sites and take the side of the student.

These sites then supposedly help the students identify the best sites that render academic writing services. They lead the students to believe that they give unbiased judgment. According to these essay review sites the analysis of the sites is done by feedback from users and also by knowledgeable people. The first impression is that these sites render a very important service by helping the students identify a good essay writing site. However the truth of the matter is that these sites are created, funded and maintained by big essay companies themselves. These companies then ensure that their website features in the list of essay writing websites that are advocated by the review site.

Not get carried away by such gimmicks

It is preposterous to assume that any essay writing company can perform an unbiased internal audit of its activities and then publish it. This is a marketing gimmick and we advice students to not get carried away by such gimmicks. It is evident from this approach that these companies do not have any scruples. Websites that resort to such means to gain a student`s attention can never render a satisfactory service. There is a possibility that the essays will be plagiarized. There is no other reason why a site will use such methods to show that it is the best in the field. It is only when there is no legitimate positive feedback from clients that the people behind such sites will opt for self promotion.

We once again urge our students to not fall for this con. It is not only unethical towards you the student, but it also results in truly committed sites like ours to remain relatively unknown. When the essay writing review sites name some of the best sites, they only include their own sites. It can also be seen that multiple essay writing sites are operated by the same people. Unfortunately students often take the bait and employ these websites to write their essays. There is a very high probability that these sites will send essays that are unoriginal in content. They will not even entertain any requests for revision of the papers according to the student`s request. This will leave a very bad impression in the minds of students of all essay writing websites.

But students, rest assured. There are some very good websites like ours that employ qualified writers. The writers on our site are well educated and know what the requirements of the paper are. They are also very well familiar with the different referencing systems. They will work round the clock to ensure that your needs are met. So it is our advice to the students to not be deceived by such fraudulent essay writing review sites and instead opt for genuine sites like ours. We assure you that we will strive to satisfy you at all costs. We do not invest in any essay review sites. As far as we are concerned, our only investment is towards your satisfaction.

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