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You need help only with the introduction of your dissertation paper or only the literature review chapter, you can request it alone to be done. The dissertation formatting and aesthetics correction service offers to go over your completed dissertation paper for proper formatting and grammatical errors or sentence structures. This way you can ensure that your instructors are actually free to look into your thoughts and ideas rather than into your formatting issues. Comprehensive editing and rewriting services offers you analysis of each idea and thought to ensure smooth flow of ideas and supporting points. Editors of will add substance to your ideas. The third kind of service is customized dissertation paper development, wherein the professionals talk to you on your thesis and collect your supporting ideas to develop argument. One of the most rewarding benefits offered by is the facility to order your dissertation paper by chapters, which ensures that you are satisfied with the quality of the dissertation writing service and then decide whether to continue with the dissertation writing process with them or not. Those who need dissertation papers or have questions about the quality of the research papers developed by can check the case studies and sample papers or even they call the toll free number to clarify their doubts around the clock. The company suggests that dissertation papers should meet certain language guidelines which could only be offered by native English speakers. has its office in Toronto, Canada and has native writers from Canada, US, UK and Australia. The company also says that any customer can talk to a native English speaking customer support representative on a toll free number around the clock to verify its credentials.

No. of years of experience has been in business for the past 10 years. Long tenure in the industry ensures that the company has enough supporting staff to process your order in the most professional way. The website boasts that they have written over 700 completed dissertation papers and over 9500 individual dissertation papers over the years to take any challenging works that you expect. Over the years the company has developed a working strategy to approach dissertation paper writing process that works fast and efficiently for most customers. The chances to learn new things whenever you write on a subject, no matter how many times you have gone through it before is immense, and it act as the catalyst for most of their writers. Most writers have been with the company for many years and have been writing on different aspects of a same subject which makes these professional writers very knowledgeable and fast. When you describe your requirements for dissertation papers, you can expect valuable suggestions from the writers who make your assignment special and interesting for readers. The years of experience in preparing dissertation papers helps the company avoid any kind of plagiarism whether it is intentional, wherein copying is intentional or unintentional which involves forgetting to cite the quotations used.

Customer Support

The company offers you customer support around the clock through phone and live chat. One of prominent features projected by the company is that their dissertation writing service is completely matching with your expectations set on the qualification of writers, their language skills and professionalism. ensures that all dissertation assignments are prepared by professionals who have masters or PhD in the field your dissertation paper subject. Language skills are never less than that of a native English speaker which means that their first language is English and all are based in US, UK, Canada and Australia. Your phone calls will be answered by live people 24 hours with sufficient knowledge in the field of dissertation papers. You can also request unlimited changes, which is quite rare as per the company, in case of any dissatisfaction or if you feel that any point is missed by the writer.


The basic pricing as per the company website is $49. This could be a little high for students while the company projects the qualification and experience of dissertation writers with them. They also defend the high price by offering the services of native English speaking writers who understands the education culture of UK, US, Canada and Australia to provide dissertation papers that goes hand in hand with their specific requirements. The payment methods accepted by include all major credit cards but it does not accept paypal, a major online payment method.

Response to mails

Response to mails or a quick response to your needs is guaranteed by offering a live customer support through phone by live chat. By having access to a tracking system that lets you get in touch with the writer helps you read every page or chapter completed and suggest changes instantly. If you are to looking for a full time contact with the writer, you need to pay for the premium services offered by, but that will ensure you get to check the quality of the paper and compare to the metrics that you have set for your dissertation paper.

Turn around time offers you a money back guarantee if you don’t receive your work on time. There are a couple of guarantees that make you in win-win situation by ordering the dissertation papers with These guarantees are the assurance that your dissertation paper would be prepared by a dissertation specialist, all your requirements will be included or it will be revised, the most current sources referred in your dissertation papers and complete tracking of your order. The company also offers you prewritten dissertation papers with over thirty thousand dissertation papers in stock. You can have the benefits of reading your dissertation papers today, each page will have 220 to 250 words with a great idea, each paper is written by professionals and none of the papers are donated by students or undergraduates. When purchasing from the online library you can also be rest assured that your dissertation paper will not be available through any other company online or offline.

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