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Killer-Content specializes in online and offline marketing services. They provide complex solutions that cover different aspects of your marketing campaign. Killer-Content began as a provider of professional online promotion services. They have a good experience in the field, but the specific year of establishment is not displayed in their website. Today they offer a range of diversified web services for businesses that wish to have a presence online. They are proud of their diverse team of professionals that work in all fields of Internet technologies. They are happy to provide for all your individual business needs. They are belongs to a simple business philosophy that they are committed to provide their clients.

Customer Support

One can make use of the ways of mailing or calling to get in touch with Direct telephone discussion with the agent using the given number from the website allows one to share clear information regarding the needed project. You can also have to pass instruction on time to the service. Send mails to the service by filling enough details in the mail. Both ways provides a safe and easy communication choice to the customers.

Pricing offers their service with affordable prices to the customers. They are prices their copywriting services quite comfortable to the clients. provides excellent press releasing services. There are number of important things need for good writing. Ordering a press release from solves two issues at once: you will save money and reach a very large audience. Their qualified specialists create an informative and eloquent press release that increases the name-recognition of your business, product, or service.

Response to mails

There response to mail option is working fine, but sometimes it takes much time to reply to the client requests. Customers can send mails to the service with detailed information to be cleared in order to attain the response. Giving clear details in your mails will make the process of communication for both.

Turnaround time

The company doesn’t provide a clear turnaround time to their copywriting services. Customers can order for their products and then the company will inform the exact date to get your output back. Though, they have special consideration on emergency requirements from the customers for each service they provide.


The name of the service is really scaring “killer content” oh god. Do they kill people with poisonous content? Just kidding. Anyway glad to know about new service. checking their website soon.

@Cody Schantz
That was funny.even i felt the same when hear the service name. checked their website to check whether it is killing or not. it was decent anyway i bookmarked the site for the future use.

Very promising service and it has got very attractive features. They have toll free contact details on the website but not having any live chat system. I am looking forward to it.

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