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About is freelance copywriting service. The owner of this service is Bev Osborne. He works as a freelance copywriter over 20 years in the copywriting business industry for the UK’s leading advertising and direct marketing agencies and also working on top-name brands. He continued to work for leading names as well as a broad range of smaller businesses organizations across virtually every market sector. Bev offers freelance copy writing with a direct marketing focus.

Years of Experience

Bev Osborne has 20 years of experience in the copywriting business for the UK’s leading advertising and direct marketing agencies. It’s a good benefit for the customers. He has not only the experience but also taken awards are proved he is good in his profession. He got Direct Marketing Association Award for Innovation and Direct Marketing Association Award for Off-the-Page Advertising. This is good option for the customers who need experienced and trendy copywriter.

Customer Support provides many ways to touch with their customers. provides e-mailing system for the customers. The customers can use this system to contact with the administrator. Bev guarantees that he will either get back to you the same day or first thing the next morning. He also provides telephone number which can be used by customers to call him directly in office hours. When we are looking for a copywriter, be always sure in checking the copywriter’s experience and credentials.


Their pricing list is not published in their sites. You know internet is the biggest direct marketing medium, he offers copywriting content for direct marketing. He also offers sales letters, copy editing, corporate brochures, product literature, leaflets, websites, press releases, editorial, advertorials, white papers, advertisements, case studies, ‘how to’ guides, testimonials, newsletters, direct mail packs, tender documents, proposals, postcards, packaging labels, mail order catalogues, copy editing, mailers etc.

Response to mails can take any type of orders if it is its too small, too large or too complex. It’s very helpful in all levels of customers. He handles anything from a simple half-hour edit through to a complete marketing campaign. And there’s no minimum charge. He was happy as a flexible copywriter to do ten minutes, ten hours or ten weeks’ work. Unlike some web-based copywriters, he trained as a copywriter in real-world advertising and direct marketing agencies. Not just ‘any old’ ad agencies, but some of the top advertising and direct marketing agencies in the North of England the ‘heartland’ of British direct marketing. He knows the new trends of copywriting very much.

Turn around time

The information of least turnaround time not displays in their also provides variety of services instead of copywriting services.Turnaround time of this website Is depends on the type and quality of the work.

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