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EssayBay – Is an online writing service where you can buy custom term papers and custom essays direct from writers. EssayBay connects writers with buyers that need custom essays, term papers, thesis, Research Paper and dissertations and allows writers to offer their services directly. You choose them based on the strength of their reputation and past results. Much like an auction, projects are posted by buyers, and interested writers bid on them. Buyers can see the qualifications of the writer, the guarantees they offer, and the feedback they have received from other buyers, before they choose a bid. Their custom essays are 100% original, non plagiarized and Fully referenced in any style you choose.

No. of Years of Experience:
Since 2003, their custom essay writing service has been helping students achieve essay writing excellence. With over 4,000 fully qualified essay writers on their books, they guarantee that you won’t find a more professional and specialized service anywhere else. EssayBay makes the essay and term paper industry more apparent. You choose the writer based on their qualifications, experience, guarantees, and of course, their fee.

Customer Support:
You can communicate directly with your writer through the EssayBay website only through the Email.There is no other option of contacting them under their service. Essaybay allows direct bids by high quality writers, feedback that on view to all, and communication directly between the writer and buyer, revolutionising the way people buy custom writing online. If you are a buyer and need to download an essay, or want to contact your writer for any reason, you can email them. If you are a writer, you can submit any outstanding and due essays as usual through Email.

Pricing System:
If you’re an existing member there’s still a way for you to buy your term papers, college papers, custom essays, etc through your FREE members forum! EssayBay makes the essay and term paper industry more transparent than ever before and it makes choosing a quality expert quick, easy and cost effective. They didn’t mention anything about their prices.There is no other offers provided by them.

Response to Mails:
You can make a direct contact with the writers through Email. All the essays are researched and written to your exact requirements.And they claim that they offer the papers on time. They offers a dramatic improvement to the quality of the custom essay and term paper market.

Turnaround Time:
EssayBay have not provided the turn around period of their service. They claim that they are offering papers on time.


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