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Complete Review on provides with 50,000 term papers, theses and dissertations in a variety of different subjects including Economics, Biology, Communications, English, Mathematics, Social Science, Physics and much more. With their papers, students are able to learn by instance and approach essay topics in modern ways to achieve high marks. Their papers are written, edited, and reviewed by professionals who are experts in their field.

Number of Years of Experience: has been providing academic writing solutions for over 14 years. They established this service in the year 1996. All of their writers have at least a Masters Degree or PhD from a range of different academic backgrounds. Their first class writers come from all over North America. They write extraordinary essays through their own personal experiences as students and TA’s marking other undergraduate papers. Their writers are locally born and raised in their respective areas with English as their primary language. They claim that with, you are getting an essay from experienced academics who understand how to research and write exceptional papers.

Customer Support: are available 24 Hours a day with a Customer Service Representative. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions. They always have a live representative at any given instant who are ready to take your order or deal with your concerns by email, phone or live chat. They make sure that they are always available to the clients so that the order process is as convenient as it can be. And their three offices are located in Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver. They state that you can contact their head office with any questions or concerns you may have.

Pricing System:
Prices are not provided by the Essay Academy. Free sample essays are given for quality check. Bibliography or Works Cited page included along with the papers. However, they do not give you a hint that how much their papers cost nor they did say anything about having an Essay Academy discount. Not to state the fact that they also do not seem to have a lot of benefits that come along with their service.

Response to Mails:
They claim that you can do quick and instant download. On time delivery of papers are being made by this service.

Turnaround Time: claim that with their custom written essay services, you can get an A+ essay in as short as 24 hours! If it’s not an urgent situation you can get your essay in 7 days or less.

They do not write their papers from scratch instead they sell pre written papers to students. And it may result in the plagiarism issue. offer samples for students to view and they can even have a wide choice of essays for you to select from.


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