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This is to warn you that this review page (of is expired and you are not advised to use the following review for the purchase of any copywriting services from

This notice is due to the reviews we have received from many of the’s readers who claim that they have been victim of fraud / cheated / scammed / provided with poor quality of copywriting services.  Even if their customer support is working perfectly and instantly, the copywriting services that they deliver does not meet clients’ requirements. This has made many readers to post reviews/feedback on to help others to legibly use such sites.

Owing to this, we recommend you to continue your search for finding a best writing company that does not have this warning messages and reviews and is actively reviewed by its customers in comments section.

To find the best copywriting services, we recommend the following pages. The pages where you can find tips on best essay writing companies that are active in business and can keep your trust include the following:

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We do not entertain any kind of unauthentic and personal recommendations from any of the writing company and all our reviews and recommendations strictly adhere to the readers’ and users’ reviews/feedback of the companies they have used.   

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No. of years of experience is that of the reliable  proofreading and copywriting  services. is the drawing up and writing service department of the software development company CodeLean Inc., a Danish-possessed enterprise, which has offices in the Philippines, one of the English-most efficient countries in Asia. The company not provides a clear year of establishment in their website and hence it is impossible to count their experience in the field. Though, they are proved their experience in their efficient service to different clients they have. Their authors and publisher are a group of well trained and friendly people, which have an inclination for writing and a talent for the English language. They have experience letters and a drawing up in large selection specializations: IT, business, academy, science, medicine and law, among other things. They are also experienced interviewers with good people abilities. They are committed, reliable and specialist in their work.

Customer Support

Customers have to get assistance from the service either by using the option to call their telephone number exposed in the website or can use their id to mail them directly. Based on the customer requests they provide quick assistance to maintain the problem. offers a multiplicity of the letter services, in order to guarantee that you obviously and effectively communicate your report to your target group. You have to use the functionality of track changes to get instant progress information of your product. Finally they return the transferred product to you over email in the word document form.

Pricing offers their copywriting services with attractive price rates to their customers. Their price for a page of proofreading is $2.99 and it becomes $4.95 for a page of copyediting service. A page is calculated here with a word count of 275 words. The company provides particular discount for clients trying use their services for the first time, fresh users have to get one page out of every four pages with no cost.

Response to mails

The company provides value to customer needs regarding their copywriting services. As far as we checked their mailbox is vigorously monitored by customer support desk. One can communicate the service with details in mail and the company representative will handle your case. This specific value given to the client support creates simple the way to make a good customer relationship to the company.

Turnaround time

The experienced proofreaders from are on the message of one moment work and quality work fast supply. For price their services are determined appropriately. But there is no specific turnaround time is displayed or provided in the service and are determined based on the customer needs. Their proofreader is specified all at holding your documents confidential and the Safes by interfering eyes. trusted that crew has a satisfaction warranty 100%: if they send back you a document and you a disturbance find, which they missed, they test the document for you at no additional costs. They can work with you on a singular letter project, or they know partners with you, in order to supply high-quality written material regularly.


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