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No. of years of experience is a copywriting and social consultant service with 10 years of experience in this field of copywriting. This service is centered in UAE. A person called Farrukh Naeem is the owner of this service and he is a freelance English copywriter, journalist, SEO specialist and social media consultant based in Abu Dhabi, near Dubai, UAE.

In Asia and the Middle East, he is worked as a copywriter for advertising agencies and he is a direct marketing writer, and a TV commercial scriptwriter. He also worked as a journalist. He claims that the creative conceptualization, persuasive writing skills make this service unique. This service provides advertising services, copywriting services, internet services, journalism services, public relation services.

In internet services, he provides:

Online Content Manager: through this service, he provides content for your websites. He ensure that the content they making contains catchy words, which helps your website to cache easily by search engine.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant: through this service Farrukh provides search engine optimization help for your website. This appealing content helps your website to get top search engine placements and better traffic.

Corporate Blogging: this service helps you to get content for your blogs. As you know, the blogs help you to progress your business. provides well written blog content with catchy words which are easily cached by the search engine.

Email Marketing: provides email marketing service through which you can get email content for your business needs. He also provides creating newsletters service.

Google Adwords Management: through Farrukh make available the Google adwords service which help you for search engine optimization tasks. This will help your website to get high search engine placement.
This service also provides free social media tips.

Customer Support keeps a good customer support system for helping their valuable customers. They also provide firm mailing system through which the customers can access them directly. This service also provides phone number to call them for any help. The e-mail id they provide can be used by customers to mail, through which the customers can gave details and instructions for their projects.


This service doesn’t publish the exact pricing system.

Response to mails has devoted mailing system and useful for the customers during emergency requirements. They offers dot response for the mails, sometimes may take 1-3 minutes delay, is a good facility of the service to its customers and which also help them to create more permanent clients.They offering quick mail delivery system to get clarified their questions and doubts or to submit needed instructions regarding their copywriting services.

Turnaround time

Declare turnaround time is very high; Search engine optimization is the proven strategy to enhance website visibility and attain prominent placement on search engines. It’s not easy task and we can’t predict the time. They offer you affordable SEO services that will ensure you a strong online presence, improved traffic, increased sales and profit.

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