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Archive for February, 2012 vs who is best provides all kind of essay works for the students. They claim providing professionals help in term papers, book reports, research papers, academic essays, business essays, business research projects, college or university level essays or term papers on any topic and essay writing services. But according to the customer feedback, it says that they don’t accept every works as they listed especially research paper that deals with quite big amount of research. It is also said that they don’t provide papers on every writing styles. They are good in writing MLA style only. The company has above average customer support panel. They have contacting system such as live chart, toll free numbers and email chat. But their technical support system found to be offline most of the time. The company has bit high pricing policy as compared to the other service but have good discount programs depends upon the number of pages and type of work. is emphasis on dissertation writing services for undergraduate, graduate, masters and PhD level. They also provide assistance in other academic assignments. They lag a good customer support system which is a very important factor in online writing field. They have live chat system for the sake of having it. It is not yet activated but shown in the website. The company has pretty decent pricing policy which is affordable. But customers have registered many complaints on them. Many have got papers having grammatical and spelling mistakes and also papers stuffed with unnecessary contents but at the same there are some satisfied customers who are very pleased with the paper. So the service seems to be good at a time but worst at some times.

When services are compared, both have upsides and downsides. However the downside stays ahead by visible amount. Both have average customer support system which is not available every time or never. Most of the students have got between B and C grade. vs who is best? and are leading academic writing company on the internet. They provides various academic assistance for the students like, essays, dissertations, term papers, research papers, book reports, proof reading, editing and all type of academic related writing helps. Here we can discuss the advantage and disadvantages of both writing companies. is an online professional writing company that provides custom essay writing services by carrying out research of high quality in different fields of study. It is also a good looking writing company the website is extremely well laid out and designed. They are strictly trying to follow customer’s requirements and also maximum trying to provide best customer satisfactions. They claim that they only employ real professionals who can develop papers and essays that follow all the instructions. They also claim that they provide 100% non plagiarized papers and they guarantee on-time delivery with free revisions.

But based on the customer feedbacks, they have filled with many dreadful remarks from the customers. Most of the time they failed to deliver the papers before deadlines. And also their live chat system is very bad to serve. Direct contact with writer is also not allowed on this site. Their website doesn’t mention the year of establishments. So, customers couldn’t guess their quality of papers with their experience base. is also one of the online writing companies in essay writing services. They also provide all type of academic writing helps like for the students. They claim that they conduct a great research in all the required sources before they start to type. They also claim that their papers are 100% non-plagiarized and unique. They provides 24/7 live customer support to make their dealings smoothly. But we got several feedbacks about the same writing company and most of them are negative feedbacks. Many students complained about their unaffordable price and plagiarism in papers. Their website provides plagiarism checking software, but most of the times they failed to display real reports. and moves almost on the same way. Based on the customer feedbacks and our students helping team’s research, we found that both of them filled with many dreadful feedbacks. Both companies have failed to implement creative approach and new ideas. They only provide average or below average papers that do not worth for your payments. Both of them don’t provide free draft service. Therefore, customers were failed to evaluate their quality of papers before ordering them. vs who is best

Completing the university assignment is one of the daunting tasks for almost students in their academic life. The processes of gathering data, thinking, and writing critically about it, are always challenging. So, finding a user friendly and efficient writing web site is a rigid task. Finding a website that is not a scam is even harder. Therefore, it is also very important to make students attentive while choosing the online writing services. Here we have two such academic writing services to discuss about, their advantages and disadvantages. is one of the professional online companies that provide custom essay writing services. They are available around the clock seven days a week and they guarantee that your essay will be original without any plagiarism. They claims that they provide high quality custom essays, research papers, term papers, course works, case studies and book reports for the customers. They provides some extra discount offers 5 to 15% for the students to make their dealings efficiently. They also provides free revisions for the customers, however, such a short deadline (48 hours) for the free revision may become a stumbling block to some of the customers. provides only B grade papers for the customers. Many customers got very bad result from their finished papers. Their completed papers are tested for plagiarism using advanced internal software and reviewed by the live editors and found that the paper was totally plagiarized. And also the papers are not worth for paying money.

They claim that they have over 2000 English native speaking and certified writers, but based on our detailed search we found that they uses only few writers for its writing jobs and the reason why most of their assignments are poorly done it’s because their writers are from; Kenya 46.8%, Paraguay 17.2%, India 11.0%, Algeria 6.0% and Philippines 4.2% so you can guess who writes your paper. There is none of the US and UK writers whom you ask for. is also one of the leading online professional academic writing services. Their professionals are brightest and most talented writers who are specialized in exclusive writing and provides enhanced custom essay for their customers. But the year of establishment is not showing anywhere in the company website, that makes some confusion regarding their service. They provide lots of services, like essays, term papers, dissertation writing services, research projects, thesis, even resume and CV writing. They can help you within any deadline imaginable, even 8 hours. The service also provides superior quality papers with free revisions and 24/7 live customer support for the students.

But we received lots of negative feed backs from the customers about the same writing company. One of the customer points out that “I ordered my paper from and I wasn’t satisfied with the result so I asked for a refund but it was denied…they were not ready to refund me….i wasted my money…please don’t use this writing service….it’s a scam site” vs who is best? As concerned the above detail, it should not be fair to choose a best from these two while some of these issues remain to be unsolved. Both of them need to improve more to provide better service for the customers. vs. who is best provides services like dissertation, research papers, thesis, editing, formatting and proofreading. At the same time provides services like business and economics writing service, literature writing, language writing, editing, proof reading and other common academic writings. Both services claim common things like 100% original and unique papers, plagiarism free papers, 100% confidentiality, on-time delivery and free revision.

Both essay writing services haven’t specified the year of establishment clearly so it is difficult to tell their experience in the writing field. But writing is states in their website that they have been in the writing field for the last 5 years which is hard to believe.

Both the essay writing services have taken necessary steps to strengthen the customer support system. Both have contacting systems like live chat system, toll free number system and email chat. The live chat system of has found online most of the time hasn’t been efficient in live chat system, they occasionally seen online.

The pricing policy is bit high in both services as compared to other custom writing services. Both have discount programs but it is not available for everyone. You have to proof that you are regular customer of them. have impressive discount program than is very much successful in providing the paper in time when compared to but it is noted that they have got it back for the revision 2 out of 5 times. had many issues with violating the deadline in producing the paper. It has lead some financial issues as the company promised money back guarantee if they cross the deadline. Both services have not successful in creating a continuous flow of clients towards their service. Overall it is hard to find the best out of these two essay writing services when their negative sides terminating the positive sides. vs who is best

Essay writing or Dissertation writing is an exhausting, intimidating and time consuming job for most of the of students in their academic life. This is due to the fact that it requires wide research and a lot of effort and concentration to complete. For this very reason many students have difficulty in writing and completing their assignments within deadlines. Or it may not be easy for a student to do all the research and write dissertation without any help. Here is the importance of online writing companies. Therefore finding a best and scam less online writing company is not an easy task as it seems. Here is a brief comparison among two writing services and is one of the online academic thesis writing services dedicated to supply Thesis, Thesis Proposal, Research Proposal, Dissertation, Dissertation Proposals and all type of academic assignments works. They claim that their writers are Masters and PhD degree holders. Therefore, they complete all the urgent orders within 48 hours. They also claim that they provides unlimited drafts and on time delivery. They offer 24/7 Live support to customers either by telephone or by live chat option attached in their website. is also one of the best writing companies on the internet writing field. They also provide essays, dissertations, research papers, dissertation writing services and thesis writing help for the students. They claim that they provide premium quality assistance with affordable and fair prices. They also claim that their custom written papers are 100% non-plagiarized and they offers 100% money back guarantee with 24/7 Live Online Customer Support.

Both services have common free features like free revision and money back guarantees. But their price level is different, charging for Draft $14.95 (10 days) $30.95 (48 Hours) and the same time charging for Draft only $13.99 (14+ days) $25.99 (48 Hours 3 days urgency). And also provides 30% special discount for the customers, at the same time offers 40% discount for the customers.

From the customer side, both haven’t got good amount of positive feedbacks. Lack of stability is one of the big problems of both writing services. Based on the customer feedbacks, both of them have mixed feedbacks. So it is not possible to give “the best” to anyone. vs. who is best essay services include topic proposal, research, text writing, formatting, editing, and proofreading and plagiarism detection. provides research papers, dissertations, essay,  academic writing assignments and other  essay writing services . Both companies claim that they have professional writers in the writing panel and 100% plagiarism free guarantee.

The customer support system is found to be normal or just above average for both the service. is not always available online where the is maintaining their online status most of the time.

The pricing rate is bit high in when compared to, they are demanding much higher than the traditional services pricing rate. Many students have the same complaint, but never minded it and says that their quality of the paper deserve it. They have some discount offers but it has regulations even for the regular clients.

If we look at the customers feedback both essay writing services has got blames on certain issues. has violated free revision service several times and also failed in giving the papers on deadline many times. had many issues with money back guarantee. Some clients have said that they even had to take legal procedures get the money back. Most of the clients demanded the money back due to the plagiarism content in the paper they have provided. They say that service lags efficient plagiarism checking software. An efficient quality assurance department might have solved these problems. So it is evident that they are weak in that department also.

It should not be fair to choose a best from these two while some of these issues remain to be unsolved. and who is best can be concluded as above average custom essay writing services in which the clients are not recommended to keep a big trust but only to experiment their luck. vs. who is best

There are many writing service exists in the web. Nowadays students are often use it to complete their academic works. Here is a brief review and comparison between two writing companies and trying to check whether it is worth being in the custom writing field. is mainly emphasis on research paper services such as research planning, research paper writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading. At the same time emphasis on thesis and dissertation writing. Both provide help for graduate, undergraduate and master level. But it is afraid to tell they are successful in providing the best for all level.

Their website looks decent enough with design and theme. But ordering procedures of both services looks bit confusing with unnecessary questions and columns. This may confuse the people who are coming for the first time.

Both have an average customer support system. It is found that is having the non native English speakers as customer care executives .This is found to be the downside of the company. Live chat system of is not available every time.
Both services are in the custom writing field for last three years but both have failed to show decent track record. is bit successful in providing papers for undergraduate students but not for the higher level.

When comparing with the pricing policy have low and affordable pricing. Also they provide discount offers for the regular clients. cannot be included in the cheap essay writing service’s group.

Both services have common free features like free revision, free cover page etc. checks for plagiarism but they use old tool which claim to be inefficient.

From the customer side, both haven’t got good amount of favorable feedbacks. Based on the poll, clients say that they are not efficient enough in providing the best, their performance not consistent. Sometime they come with good paper but sometime worst. So it is not possible to give the “the best” to anyone. vs who is best and are the professional essay writing services. We have collected the data concerning both the companies, where we can evaluate and make sure which of the company is the best one. is one of the professional academic writing services with many years of experience in the online writing field. They provides custom essays, research papers, dissertations, term papers, creative writings and all types of academic related writing assistance with 24/7 live customer support. They claim that their writers are very talented and creative for taking any complicated topics. They also claim that their service is mainly focused on timely delivery, superior quality, creativity, and originality of each custom term paper they produce. But based on the feedbacks collected from customers, most of them are not satisfied with their service. Their ordering procedure is bit complicated for the customers and we need to wait at least twenty minutes to get any replies from their customer care supporter. They don’t provide any free draft for the customers. It’s one of the big disadvantages of them. One of the customer points out that “They provide plagiarism checking software to review every document written. While scanning your papers, once it shows your papers is unique, but when your professors scans your paper; the document will appear as 100% plagiarized…I wasted my money and precious time…” is also good at writing essays and has been serving the students in their writing activities since 2006. They provides essays, term papers, dissertations, thesis, research papers and all type of academic assignments with 100% Confidentiality and 24/7 Instant customer support system with 100% money back guarantees. They also provides free plagiarism checker. But it’s also the same as We got many feedbacks about the same writing service. Out of the enormous customer feedbacks received, 95% of them are negative feedbacks. Poor quality papers, deadline passed paper delivery, irresponsible customer support system, etc are the main issues related with the service among the customers. And also the direct writer contact is not an active option from the service too.

Based on the polls and customer feedbacks, we can understand that both the writing services have failed to supply better writing service for the customers. Both of them are interested in making money than providing better service. Price calculator and free drafts are the important services that both companies don’t provide. And also the connection with the allotted writer is not possible with and Only a customer can do is that place order and wait for his paper. If the paper comes with tight deadline, it’s sure that he can’t submit the paper on time. v/s Who is Best? and are the essay writing services. We have collected the data regarding both the companies, where we can make sure which of the company is the best one. is one of the leading essay writing services in writing industry providing greater quality writing to the students of various academic levels. They are helping the students to find it easier to get complete their essays. has a team of best writers which include professors and research scholars who give you the most genuine essays on your topics. Also here customers can get 24/7 online phone and chat support which is one of the best quality by which students can connect with the service at any time. They are providing their service at an affordable pricing facility and good results to the demands of the customers. They are responding fastly to each and every mail of their customers with 6 hours of turnaround time and have proved as one of the genuine essay writing company now. : They do all types of writing on all levels, High School through Ph.D. like assist with all types of academic writing assignments including essays, term papers or research papers dissertation writings etc . All writing is done by qualified American and British writers holding Master’s degrees. They are providing Live Chat & 24/7 customer support system. They are providing the essays before the deadline, but most of the students are not satisfied with this service as their essays are not much informative as well their charges are so high.

Once after we compared both the essay writing companies, we can understand that is the most excellent one. v/s, Who is Best ?

Both of the dissertation writing service and essay writing service is the most trusted and professional essay writing services. The intention behind this article is to create the general awareness to the customers regarding both the company’s advantages and the disadvantages. : have started since 2004. They are the premium dissertation writing service that meets your dissertation/thesis writing needs with the highest regard for the quality you prefer. They are having certified writers from both UK and USA to undertake your dissertation order. This service provides you the 100% Original high quality and non-plagiarized Dissertation Writing. They satisfy all your custom writing needs. Customers can contact them either through telephone, through mails or by live chat which is resolved in the website. They are providing you the 24/7 Dissertation Service Customer Support for Order placement and Queries. They provide the services at an affordable price with a discount offers. They provide dissertation draft Absolutely Free. They provide writing essays, research papers, term papers, theses, dissertations on any topic guarantees to produce top quality papers based on thorough research at a reasonable price. There is 24/7 customer support in day or night at no charge at all. The disadvantage of this essay writing service is either provides their customers with plagiarized term papers, essays or dissertations or misses the deadline .So they got lonely a limited services.

After the above reference you might have come to know that is the best one comparing to the other.

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